Vazir Group Establishes New Division for Foreign Workers and Skilled Workers

Vazir Group Announces Access To Two Unique Canada Business Programs

-Programs enable business owners to expand and grow companies in Canada

-Owners and entrepreneurs also gain access to Canadian permanent residency through investment


Vazir Group Establishes New Division for Foreign Workers and Skilled Workers


Dubai, August 16, 2020 - Vazir Group, Dubai’s leading immigration consultant announced the opening of its new division that aims to cater to the increased influx of skilled immigration seekers and the added demand from destinations like Canada and Malta for personnel in certain industries by adding Foreign Worker Program and Skilled Worker Program as part of their services.


Traditionally Vazir Group has been known to assist investors and entrepreneurs with financially lucrative immigration opportunities across Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Malta to name a few.


The advent of the new division come about as a result of an added interest from immigration seekers from across the GCC and India in particular. The Skilled Worker Program has a specific demand for nurses, truckers, workers in the logistics and construction, IT or sales and retail from Canada as well as nurses and other healthcare workers from Malta. Foreign Worker Program is the fastest program to migrate to Canada and is dedicated to the applicant and his family, based on the main applicant's CV, background and work experience.


Vazir Group has assisted thousands of families and individuals realize their potential through immigration since 2004 and ventured into multiple geographies like Sri Lanka, India, Lebanon and Egypt over the past few years, through its offices in Canada and the UAE.


The Company has special fees for Skilled Immigrant division to help deserving individuals in these challenging times.


Often referred to as a land of immigrants, Canada is home to millions of newcomers that helped build the harmony and way of life that shaped the land of opportunities. The Canadian government reinforced the fact and the important role that the immigrants have in keeping the country moving during the COVID-19 pandemic and underlining the importance and need of new immigrants.


“The current times have changed how people, businesses and even governments behave. While destinations are still open for and in fact welcoming more and more investors and entrepreneurs, skilled individuals are a need of this hour which cannot be ignored. Therefore, and in order to assist the process we have established a division that focusses on specific industries, while upholding Vazir Group’s standards of service, transparency and success rate for desirous applicants,” said Vrinda Gupta, Managing Partner Vazir Group.


The move aims to assist aspiring migration seekers with options that fit their circumstances and allow them to benefit from exclusive offerings.


"Owners and investors, who bring in capital investment as well as skills and expertise. 

We facilitate easier and more convenient access to these programs to benefit individuals and their families, but it also assists the Canadian economy through inbound investment. The key thing to note is that the programs can benefit MENA business owners, by simplifying entry into the hugely profitable North American marketplace.


Through the programs, investors can gain many advantages for themselves and their families. Chief among these is the ability to freely travel around the world to 172 countries, which is particularly appealing to people whose passports restrict them from such easy global movement. Holders of Canadian permanent residency receive many social benefits including public schooling and health care coverage. Business investors and entrepreneurs also have the advantage of operating in the world’s 10thlargest economy.


The first program is designed for existing business owners, who invest in a profitable Canadian company that has been operating for a minimum of five years (typically longer). This investment program offers investors with revenue generating businesses, while the applicant must invest an amount of C$500k to C$2million into the company. Through this program, applicants can typically expect Canadian permanent residency within approximately 6-9 months.


The second program is specifically for business start-ups. Vazir Group assists clients to obtain the required legal documents from designated Canadian authorities and advice on submitting a detailed business plan that outlines the start-up idea. Applications for new entrepreneurs take approximately 10-12 months. 


Vazir Group, an investment based immigration advisory boutique provides full immigration consultation services to clients, help in providing letters or documentation from designated entities in the respective countries, investment due diligence, legal documentation, and other services. These services are provided by carefully appointed Specialist Associates for the complete peace of mind of clients. 

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