Is Immigration By Investment Now A Good Choice?



During times of crisis, be it pandemic, wars, natural disasters, the primary inducer of panic is the feeling of losing control.

A second passport or PR is by no means a solution to a pandemic such as the Coronavirus. Nor is it a safeguard against uncertainty or danger. It is, nevertheless, a useful manner to retain control in the most turbulent of times. It may not be a solution, but it does, even for a brief window, offer the holder something extremely scarce in times like these.


Let’s discuss this case: an American-German student in Wuhan, China could not make the flight arranged by the American embassy back home. But having a second citizenship he called the German embassy, and they arranged for him to leave through them. If he was not lucky enough to be a dual citizen, he would have faced the daunting reality of staying alone in Wuhan till this pandemic took its course. Luckily enough, though, he had that second passport locked and loaded. He had that second lifeline; he had a choice.


If you have a plan B, you have a greater freedom of choice under any circumstances. The second passport gives you the independence from political, economic, social and ecological factors in your country of origin. Moreover, even during the global crisis, the second passport unlocks more options and life strategies. This helps not only to make sound decisions in unclear situations, but also keep the peace of mind in these hectic times.


In any case, our lawyers and consultants advise not to wait for a global crisis or aggravated political situation and obtain the second citizenship or a PR beforehand. Many affluent individuals from all over the world get a second passport in advance, for emergency cases. They often obtain the passport long before they actually plan to use it.


As far as the Cyprus program is concerned, it’s recommended to apply at the beginning of the year to make sure you are among the 700 successful applicants. The Cypriot program is very popular: in 2017, before the quota was introduced, the Cypriot passport was granted to 1,013 applicants. If you want to relocate to Canada you have to have in mind that the minimum process time is 6 months. So whatever immigration program you choose, it’s crucial not to delay your decision and apply the sooner the better for a second passport or permanent residency.


We appreciate that everyone is feeling the effects of the coronavirus, whether directly or indirectly. With many international events being cancelled and all travel and relocation plans put on hold, many of life’s norms are becoming a challenge. However, we also understand that there is life behind the chaos and in order to limit the length and severity of the disruption, one will need to plan now to ensure that their delayed plans can come to fruition as soon as possible.


With the Coronavirus outbreak still at full flow, the priority at this time is to stay safe and practice social distancing. The world will eventually revert to its normal state, and life shall resume its mundane routine, which we have now come to value and cherish.


When that time eventually does come, many will have noticed the difference a second passport made throughout these direst of times. Second citizenship is not only about visiting your favorite summer destination visa-free, but much, much more than that, and this crisis, as horrid as it may be, has shed some light on that undeniable truth.


As such, we recommend that if you are considering any form of immigration for a permanent residency or citizenship application, whether now or in a years’ time, you begin this process now. This is to ensure that you are in control and can plan for the continued effects of the pandemic.


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