10 Steps to be in Canada with Entry Express Program

10 Steps to be in Canada with Entry Express Program


Canada has just reopened its borders for the world, and people everywhere are eager to start their journey of immigration to Canada with Entry Express Program. The process is very simple, and to make it even simpler, we have complied the ultimate 10-step guide to be in Canada with Entry Express Program. Read on and note down any questions you might have for us. Our expert consultancy advisors are here to help!


1.     Determine your occupation and skills.

Start by checking your eligibility in Canada’s list of National Occupational Classification (NOC) and match your working occupation accordingly. The prosperous country is always looking for people to help it grow, and it selects those who are classified as skilled workers. The NOC system consists of the ‘title’ of jobs, and the ‘skill type’ (0, A, B, C, or D) based on the job category, making it easy to spot your occupation. Note that the Express Entry program only qualifies jobs of type 0, A, and B.


2.     Approve your educational certificates.

Applicants are obligated to match their foreign education degree to meet the criteria of Express Entry. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has 7 specific, authorized organizations for Education Credential Assessment (ECA), and they are WES, CES University of Toronto, ICES, ICAS Canada, IQAS, PEBC, and MCC. The ECA is valid for up to five years from the date of issuance.


3.     Test your English and/or French language abilities.

Canada is an English/French speaking country, and it’s only fair to accept Express Entry applicants who speak either language. You can test your English language skills through IELTS or CELPIP, or your French language skills through TEF Canada and TCF Canada. These are the only tests approved by the IRCC. Your Express Entry application must include test results issued in the last 2 years.


4.     Calculate your CRS score.

For each step you have filled earlier, you should receive points that accumulate to your overall score in a system named the ‘Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)’. The higher your score is, the higher your chances of acceptance are. Your score is based on four major criteria, which are the core/human capital factors, spouse factors, skills transferability, and additional points. The maximum CRS score is out of 1,200 points. If you want to calculate yours, you can do so through the ‘CRS tool’ found on the Government of Canada’s website.


5.     Jump into the Express Entry pool.

After creating your Canada Express Entry profile, uploading your documents, and obtaining at least the minimum CRS score, you can submit your profile and take a seat back as it gets processed among the pool of applicants. We often receive questions about ways to increase your CRS score, so make sure to contact us to give you professional advice and accurate expectations as Express Entry will cost you a considerable amount of money to complete your immigration to Canada.


6.     Complete your Express Entry eligibility requirements.

If your qualifications are approved with high points and your profile gets fished out from the Express Entry pool by the IRCC, you will be sent an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to create your Canada immigration application, which needs to be filled with mandatory supporting documents. Depending on the chosen program, you will need to provide identity, marital status, and medical documents, as well as proof of work experience and proof of funds, among other compulsory information. Since you’re given only 60 days to finalize your application, it is recommended to start with documents that might take you longer to obtain. 


7.     Complete your document checklist.

Make sure your application is fully accurate by double-checking your personalized document checklist. Upload all requested supporting documents in the correct format and organize them ahead of time. For each section, you must upload one file only. Make sure to merge your multiple documents, for instance in the passport section, as one PDF format. The number 1 reason for application rejection is incompleteness. So, stay ahead of your game and review your checklist several times before submitting your Canada Express Entry application.


8.     Submit your electronic Application for Permanent Residence.

Now that you’ve followed the Express Entry process carefully, finished your Canada application for permanent residence, paid the fee of submission, and agreed to the Declaration and Disclosure pages, you’ll receive the update ‘Acknowledgement of Receipt’, or (AoR). Your application will be processed and reviewed by the IRCC within 6 months or less. During this period, if any significant changes occur to your circumstances, such as getting married or changing your e-mail address, you must report them to the IRCC.


9.     Receive a Passport Request (PPR).

Your application will go through various status updates in the coming months. A background check will be run, plus a reviewal of your medical results. Keep an eye on your electronic application not to miss these updates in case you pass them all. Once everything is validated, you will be sent a PPR to your e-mail account. Inspect your spam/junk folder not to miss the e-mail message. It is possible you might receive it from either the IRCC directly, or from your country’s embassy.  


10.  Get ready for your new life in Canada.

Finally, it’s time for you to do some research about Canada before doing the big move. Learn about the beautiful country, its major cities, free healthcare and education systems, and weather conditions of your chosen city. Prepare a to-do list of what you will do before departing your country and upon your arrival. This is now your chance to start fresh in the world’s #1 country.

For a detailed immigration consultation to Canada, don’t hesitate to visit our offices in UAE, India, or Canada. We are Vazir Group, a reputable consultancy with experience in dealing with countless applicants who want dedicated, high-quality migration services. We believe that being trusted Express Entry Agents allows us to provide the latest updates, reliable consultancy on migration and relocation, as well as personal support through the whole process. We will guide you on all the documents required for Canada Express Entry in detail. If you have any inquiries in mind, make sure to give us a call on our UAE number +971 4 243 8581, or visit our branches. We’ll be glad to assist!

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